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Hi David, A massive thank you for your materials it was immensely helpful and I passed first time!! I was struggling with the mental aspect and the methods for quick working out, but i downloaded your pack a day before my exam and 24 hours later I passed! I highly recommend the materials for those struggling. Cheers
Chris, March 2014

David, Just to let you know my son passed his numeracy test first time, largely due to your practice papers and information. Many thanks for all your help. Kind regards
Barry, February 2014

Hello David, I just wanted to inform you that I passed my numeracy skills test this morning and I also passed my literacy test. Thank you so much for your revision pack it really helped me find simpler solutions to problems. Thanks again
Lauren, February 2014

Hi David, I found your downloads extremely useful in reinforcing what I needed to improve for my numeracy skills tests. I passed yesterday, so I am extremely ecstatic now that I have met all the conditions for my Primary PGCE. I shall definitely be recommending you to my friends and colleagues yet to do the tests. Thank you again.
Sam, February 2014

Hello David I passed my numeracy test on my final attempt. The mental maths pack really helped. Thank you Kind regards
Zoe, February 2014

Hi David, just to let you know I passed my numeracy skills test 1st time yesterday afternoon your revision material helped a lot. Thanks so much will definitely recommend to others.
Amina, February 2014

Hi David, I passed the Numeracy skills test today :-) Thank you for your help, I found your methods really useful!
Deni, February 2014

Hi ya David, Just to let you know, I passed my numeracy test last week. Third attempt. Was over the moon. Thank goodness I found your website. Thank you. Kind regards
Kim, February 2014

Hi David, I passed my numeracy test today, thank you the practice tests were very helpful. Kind Regards
Helen, February 2014

Thank you David, I've passed my test! I have always struggled with maths but your materials really helped to break it down making it easy to understand, I have recommended your materials to a friend too.
Charlotte, February 2014

Thanks David, I just passed my numeracy test, first time! Thanks for the practice material, it helped a lot !
Lauren, January 2014

Dear David I passed!
Thank you so much for setting up these tests. The mental arithmetic section is a great tool to practise over and over again - the best 10 I ever spent. The on screen section which I only purchased a few days before my test was just what I needed to understand what the on screen test questions meant. Also, thank you for your prompt response when I was having problems downloading the on screen section.
Some feed back...
As I passed the second time - missing by mark, I was recommended to work on my on screen part of the test. In my first test, the questions were really difficult to understand in the way that they were worded - really different to any of the practice material available, so I would suggest doing a little bit of research on this to help other students. Although, the second test very similar to your practice material - thank heavens. Regards
Gurjit, January 2014

I passed my maths skills test yesterday, first time! I'm so relieved, and just in time for Christmas! Thank you,
Hannah, December 2013

Hi David, I failed by 6 on my first attempt and I failed by ONE on my second attempt!!! After tuition and working through all your stuff again I passed at my third attempt!!!!!! Thank you!
Chloe, September 2013

Hi David, Just to let you know I passed my test - I still can't believe I've done it! It was my 3rd & final attempt, having previously failed the first two tests by 5 & 6 marks in the mental arithmetic area.

I brought both of your packs and spent time working through them. The Mental Arithmetic videos really strengthened my skills in this area. Before I was getting 3-4 marks, but your videos offered simple, easy to understand methods; and I was passing this part of the test with 10-11 marks. The Stats & Arithmetic pack was extremely useful. It was very detailed and explained certain tips and tricks to look out for. I think your revision material prepared me for the test very well and ultimately helped me to pass the test!

Overall, brilliant revision material and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with the tests! You can pass 3rd time like I have. Now I can start my NQT year knowing I have successfully gained QTS (and overcome my fear of maths!) Once again thank you for creating the materials, they really did help me to pass the test. Best Wishes
Sabeena, September 2013

Hi David Just to let you know I passed my maths test. Thank you very much for all your help, you really helped me pass.
Beth, August 2013

Hi David Good news! I passed the numeracy test! The extra time made all the difference I think. Thank you so much for all your help - your tutoring made me realise how much revision I needed to do and that's how I passed. Course starts next week- eek!
Michelle, August 2013
(Michelle failed her 1st test by 8 marks, her 2nd by 2 marks.)

Hi David Just a quick "thank you" for your e-mail and to let you know that I passed the numeracy test today, first time. Using your materials allowed me to prepare efficiently and with a real focus on what was going to happen on the day. They were recommended to me by a colleague, and I will be recommending them to other colleagues who need to take the QTS skills tests, because they really worked. Best regards
Jonathan, August 2013

Hiya David, Had my test today and pleased to say I passed :). It was my last attempt and the only new resource I used this time was your material so they definitely have a part to play in me passing. Your resources were very useful and videos were very informative. Made me understand things a whole load better. Thank You very much.
Ayesha, August 2013

Hi David, I passed my QTS numeracy skills test yesterday :D it was my third and final chance. I am over the moon! Would just like to say a big thank you for your resources, they are a huge help and definitely worth the money :D I would recommend it to anyone who is still yet to take the test! I can finally take my pgce from September! Kind Regards,
Safiyyah, August 2013

Hi David, Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the helpful tips in both packs...they really helped me to simplify the questions and I PASSED first time!! Maths = Anxiety to me, so to pass first time round, was the biggest achievement. Thank you again for putting together such an excellent resource! Best Wishes,
Zoe, August 2013

Hey David, Great news, I passed the numeracy test at my third attempt!!! Can't believe that I have done it :) Thank you very much for all of your help. I could not have done it without you. Regards,
Katie, August 2013

Just wanted to send a quick note to say that thanks to the mental arithmetic practice tests and booklet I got from you I successfully passed my numeracy test today. Maths certainly wasn't my strong point and was dreading taking the test. Your material really helped and was clear and easy to understand. Thank you very much Previously she had said ... I was getting 3/4 our of 12 on the mental arithmetic section before I started doing the online practices and using your material I was feeling very nervous indeed and didn't hold out much hope! I will be very shocked and thrilled with a first time pass!
Amy, August 2013

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QTS Numeracy Maths Skills Test

Practice Mental maths, statistics and applying arithmetic, qts maths Tuition

You know passing your qts numeracy skills test is one of your most stressful experiences.
With these resources, used by 100's to pass QTS numeracy, you can achieve your dreams of becoming a teacher. Our successful September 2013 customers show the packs are all up to date and Pearson's confirms that no changes to the test has taken place since September 2012 (09/09/13)

Mental Arithmetic Pack (© single copy only - for group teaching contact me)

Speed is crucial for the mental maths section of the qts numeracy test. Get quicker with some very simple, but fast short-cuts.

The mental maths pack shows and tells you how to answer questions in the short time available. Practice by first listening to the twelve questions in each test timed just like the real thing. Then listen and watch the videos showing you the secrets of answering quickly.

For £9.99 you get:
  • Three aural mental arithmetic tests (12 original questions each)
  • Three aural/visual mental arithmetic videos, answered in real-time
  • Short book (pdf) of mental arithmetic questions, with crucial short-cuts
  • This pack is for a personal copy only. It is copyrighted - please contact me if required for for group teaching
qts numeracy mental maths Demo video 1

The question and answer videos all run using Windows Media Player which comes with Microsoft Windows. If you are unsure load this sample to check you have it before you buy.

After you buy via secure paypal, you'll receive an email (from softseller) within minutes. The email contains a link which you use to download everything via MathsMadeEasy in a zipped file. So no postage and no waiting for the post to arrive!

The zipped file (44MB) contains everything above in 7 files (6 WMA and 1 Pdf) and will take several minutes to download at normal broadband speeds (2MB).

If you have unanswered questions (e.g. I have a Mac will it work )check out our FAQ

After purchase, if you don't get a response quickly, please contact us as the email address you provided is probably incorrect.

NB These are not the same questions as shown on the Department for Education website and are original questions that follow the syllabus.

Statistics and applying general arithmetic section - animated pack

The Statistics and Applying General Arithmetic part of the QTS numeracy test is less pressurised, but with a time limit of 36 minutes it can still be stressful. Sixteen marks are awarded for this section and you can use the on-screen calculator. Set yourself a high target for this section, if you are weaker at the mental maths.

We've created a pack that covers everything you need to know for the statistics and applying arithmetic part of the test. To ensure our explanations are totally clear and simple we animated them using powerpoint's slideshow tool. With simple mouse clicks, you step through the answers dynamically on screen and watch the answers unfold.

qts maths scatter graphs on screen questions

Download and Watch a sample of the above in animated powerpoint.

For only £9.99 you get :
  • Two QTS numeracy tests for the statistics and applying arithmetic sections (16 original questions each) (powerpoint)
  • Two animated, step by step explanations to the questions above (powerpoint)
  • An animated statistics and applying general arithmetic overview with QTS numeracy questions (powerpoint)
  • This pack is for a personal copy only. It is copyrighted - please contact me if required for for group teaching

The Statistics and Applying General Arithmetic question and answer pack works using powerpoint which comes with Microsoft Windows. If you are unsure load this sample to check you have powerpoint before you buy. Play it as a slideshow

After you buy via secure paypal, you'll receive an email (from softseller) within minutes. The email contains a link which you use to download everything via MathsMadeEasy in a zipped file. So no postage and no waiting for the post to arrive!

The zipped file contains everything above in five ppt files and will take less than a minute to download at normal broadband speeds (2MB).

If you have unanswered questions check out our FAQ

NB These are not the same questions as shown on the Department for Education website and are original questions that follow the syllabus.


QTS Skills Test tutor - Numeracy Skills Test Tuition

The best investment you ever make: only 30 per hour for specialist one to one coaching

Since 2006 I have helped 100's of trainee teachers to pass their qts numeracy test. Just look at the testimonials!

If the mental maths and statistics & applying general arithmetic packs don't do the trick you may need specialist, one to one coaching. I'm based in Toddington, which may seem far from you, but many of my students have driven several hours to see me. Not really a big deal, when your career depends on passing your qts numeracy test.

It's down to earth, specifically focused on the test and you will go away with fresh strategies to pass, just like many 3rd timers.

How much qts numeracy tuition will I need?

If you are missing by a few marks, then one or two session (usually 2 hour) should suffice. Otherwise longer is required. I advise my students to buy my material before starting tuition to give them a head start.

How much does it cost and where are you?

Fees are £30 per hour. One to one tuition takes place in Toddington, Beds which is centrally located on the M1, junction 12, 30 miles drive from London with a frequent rail link from London (St Pancras-Bedford line). Luton airport is nearby.

Read the comments below and lots more on my testimonials page

QTS Skills Test tutor - location

In July, 2013, Charlie from North Yorkshire said...

Hi David, Great news!!!!! I passed second time.

Thanks for all your help and the qts numeracy pack. It definitely would not have been possible without your tuition and pack. It was worth the trip!! (he travelled twice over a few weeks).

There is no way I would I have passed without you showing me the graphs, simplifying numbers and especially dividing. Your pack was brilliant and offers a step by step guide, it really is massively helpful. In my test there were a few graphs I had no idea about if I'm honest, but the mental arithmetic was pretty much the same as what we had practiced.

Well worthwhile if somebody struggles numerically. I was a person who literally struggled with basic adding up but managed to pass! Thanks again
Charlie (North Yorshire), July 2013

On February 11th 2013, Mairead drove from the West Country for a two hour coaching session on Monday and Tuesday. We spent some time improving her mental maths skills speed and filled gaps in her knowledge in the Stats and applying arithmetic section. Then she returned home and took her test on Wednesday.

She emailed ...

David I passed, thank you so much for your help! I really think it was the mental part that got me through it, I must have got 11/12 correct! The calculator section was hard and I left a few questions unanswered! Must have just scrapped it, but a pass is a pass. Thanks again for your help.

On May 3rd, 2012 Pooja from London, wrote:
I've been struggling with getting to grips with all aspects of the numeracy test and regardless of reading books and practicing online, I still can't grasp how to answer the questions. As the new rule for tests come in soon, I would really like some intensive tutoring as I am fearful that I won't be able to teach due to failing the numeracy. If tuition is possible, I'd be grateful.

We had a 1 hour coaching session focusing mainly on mental maths.

On 10th May, Pooja wrote: I failed yet again and did worse on the mental arithmetic as well as the stats. Very stressed out!

On 15th May, I coached for 2 hours MAINLY on the 2nd part of the test. The test does not show you where you failed, so you may think you know something when you don't! I needed to make sure everything was clear.

On May 16th Pooja wrote: Thank you do much for your help yesterday. The good news is that I passed somehow! You have been fantastic and I will recommend you to others.

In March 2012, Satchet emailed...
"I took the numeracy test again and needed 5 more marks to pass. I think I need your coaching skills"

We arranged to meet and Satchet drove the 140 miles from Bristol to Toddington for a two hour session on Monday afternoon and then back again! He took the test the next day at 7pm. At 8pm I received an email...

"I took the test today and passed! I am so overwhelmed with excitement. Thank you so much for your support. This was certainly a challenge for me and now I can focus on what I'm good at - Teaching!"

Satchet, secondary school teacher

Hello David. I would just like to thank you for your help, patience and support yesterday. I took the test today and PASSED, I can't believe it. I am truly grateful and will recommend you to others.
Christine, July 2011

Success at last !
I have always struggled with Maths and panicked under test conditions. Having failed the QTS Numeracy test on several occasions and with only 6 weeks until the end of the course, I felt the need to gain some help.

David's calm teaching style put me at ease right away, he provided me with the necessary strategies to answer what I originally felt were complicated questions, in quick easy steps.

With David's teachings and practice at home, I passed the QTS test with considerable ease! David has not only helped me gain QTS, he has also instilled a level of mathematical confidence within me, which I never thought possible.

Chantelle, June 2011

I failed the test again by 5 marks. I am really fed up now.
I will have to come and see you as I am worrying a lot now. I think I have taken this test 7 times of which the first time I failed by 2 and now it's getting worse. I just don't get it.

One and a half hours of lessons later...

I took the test today, failed by one on mental maths again!!

but later...

You will be pleased to hear that I passed.
Thank you for developing such wonderful and useful material: so much better than all the support that I have had from the university.
Even at the tutorial you instilled in me the confidence that I could do it.

Dionne, June 2011